A Wine Epiphany on the Cheap


Don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against really good wine. I’ll drink it whenever I can—especially if someone else is buying. Mostly, I’m on a mission to find something drinkable that I can afford.

Happy Christmas


The end of a sombre year. So many deaths: artists who were part of the fabric of the late 20th century, but also thousands in war, bombed to oblivion in their own country, drowning...

Panpepato - A Christmas Cake from Arezzo


Panpepato (the name means pepper bread or spice bread) is a highly peppery version of Siena’s famous panforte, a honey-sweetened fruit-and-nut torte or cake that was once traditional for Christmas.

The Wines of Faugères by Rosemary George


Faugères is a small, but significant, wine producing area in the Languedoc, comprised of seven villages and two hamlets. Situated to the north west of Béziers against the foothills of the Cévennes.

Gadgets of Earthly Delight


‘Will it Blend?’ a channel where the inventors of the Blendtec food processor, show how their device can reduce almost anything to dust.

Giving Thanks


I arrive in Boston on Thanksgiving. I think it is the only day in the US which affords no retail opportunities; it is as if the bomb has dropped.

Lingua Franca


Get 1,000 larks. Remove their tongues and set aside. Discard the larks. Put the tongues in a pan with a little oil and saute quickly. Transfer to a hot platter. Serves four.