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A Time to Taste


Cooking was the gentle and slow process of coaxing out the flavours, tenderly encouraging them to take their first steps into the world and mingle with others in their own time.

A Wine Epiphany on the Cheap


Don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against really good wine. I’ll drink it whenever I can—especially if someone else is buying. Mostly, I’m on a mission to find something drinkable that I can afford.

Happy Christmas


The end of a sombre year. So many deaths: artists who were part of the fabric of the late 20th century, but also thousands in war, bombed to oblivion in their own country, drowning...

Quick Bites

Can It!


Most of the processes of preservation, learned by trial and error, have been handed down through the ages: the necessity of guarding against want by stocking surplus food is almost as old as human…

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