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Lavender’s Blue – Photos from the Harvest

Penny Averill

“ …jamais j’ai eu une telle chance, ici la nature est extraordinairement belle. Tout et partout la coupole du ciel c’est du’un bleu admirable, le soleil a un rayonnement de soufre pale et c’est doux et charmant comme la combinaision des...

remembering good things

Our readers share food memories. What they like to cook, where they go to eat well, food from their childhood. Please share your memories as well, send your film (1 minute or less) to

Stories Eat

The Road South to Bouillabaisse

Penny Averill

La Bouillabaisse (boui-abaisso) - pour être servie selon la règle usitée à Marseille, dans de parfaites conditions, demande au moins 7 à 8 convives. La raison, la voici: comme on emploie à sa confection une grande variété de poissons dits de...

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Maillot Jaune

Penny Averill

Chapeau to Chris Froome and Team Sky, and all the riders, famous and unknown, who made the 2016 a classic. If you feel inspired, read how to get there:

Stories Eat

What’s Eating You?

Gary Allen

Of course, we’re much more civilized today—we no longer actually tear into our enemies with our teeth. We prefer to do it symbolically—with our tongues—but we reveal our ancient cannibalistic tendencies by using metaphors from the kitchen.

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