Stone Crabs


The only packaging on claws is the stony shell that shatters all over your neighboring eater.

On Stage


I will play the compliant support role until the shift ends and I finally breathe the outside air and drink the cold beer

A Taste of Things to Come


It is a small act of rebellion against the ways food is produced and consumed, ways that are increasingly alarming and unethical, out of season and out of kilter and out of touch with nature. 

La Serenissima II: Il Mio Febbraio Wagneriano


Like every serious Wagnerite in Europe, my companion and I were there. Did we qualify? Perhaps not, if you compared us to the cultists thronging San Marco in lamb chop berets, opera capes, and 16-foot

Death and Venice


Poems, usually about only being in the next room, music and an upbeat exit, wicker casket creaking slightly, to something entirely inappropriate by Celine Dion or Ol’ Blue Eyes, followed by

A Time to Taste


Cooking was the gentle and slow process of coaxing out the flavours, tenderly encouraging them to take their first steps into the world and mingle with others in their own time.