Harriet Stigner

As an International Beekeeping Specialist for Azafady in the Anosy region of South East Madagascar, Harriet Stigner is working to help fifty beekeepers from remote villages to create sustainable incomes from their honey produce. She's looking forward to producing visual learning aids that will help to transcend language barriers and utilise her experience both as an apiarist and illustrator.

Harriet has always sought ways to combine her love of art, literature, and in recent years, apiary. While working as a journalist at Cosmopolitan, she volunteered to take care of the bees on Hearst's rooftop. Since completing an apprenticeship with Urban and Community Beekeepers she has looked after hives on several remarkable locations including the British Museum, Cordon Bleu and London College of Fashion. Project Managing rooftop and guerilla gardening innovations for The Bee Friendly Trust, she loves to use compost as a canvas, providing forage for bees and live art for city dwellers.

Apart from andouillette, Harriet cannot think of a single food she doesn't like.