Three Weeks in Cromarty - Trailer

Three Weeks in Cromarty is a trailer for a documentary on local food production in Scotland that was started as part of a three week artist-in-residence stay at the Cromarty Arts Trust.  The second part of the residency to finish filming is scheduled for September.

My documentaries looking at various aspects at the culture of food are part of my art, film and food project "The Art and Politics of Eating" http://theartandpoliticsofeating.com/, with a current installation of paintings at the Michelin-starred London restaurant Pied a Terre, and a screening of my documentary on the restaurant (Pied a Terre trailer 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfM2yrFmrdQ), an exhibition at Gallery Different, and screening/dinner/tasting events will follow over the coming months.

A blue teapot


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