A Grown Up Drink

We have all been there, being the designated driver, just not wanting alcohol for reasons of health, in a bar with friends.  "What do you have without alcohol" and, while your friends chat over something interesting and delicious, you sit, hunched over an over-pasteurised fruit-juice or a fizzy drink with so much sugar that your hyperglycaemic coma will leave you feeling as rough as any cheap chardonnay.  "I'll just have water" - how grim is that.  Two hours of self-flagellation and frequent trips to the loo are not compensated by cleansed kidneys.

And so, it is a delight to discover Woodstar.  A completely different taste from all the craft tonic waters and ginger beers which have moved into this market.  Discovered almost by chance when, one of the founders poured water into his empty cognac glass and drank the result - lighter, obviously, but with the lingering aroma and flavour of the brandy.

A group of Modern Salt readers tried it.  

The red liquid has a wonderful winey weight and feel and stays a while in the mouth.  There is a slightly perfumy feel, which we thought was probably the acai berries which are the main ingredient, but there is also a lot of blackcurrant and a sort of chocolatey dryness (like you get with 90% cocoa, rather than a Twix).  We looked at the label and saw that cocoa is one of the ingredients.

A really pleasant surprise, delicious on its own, but I think also very good with cheese and walnuts.

You can read the story of Woodstar on their site.



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